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Baillie Hogsett & Staci Washington

UH Warriors 8-21-15[1] copy

Meet two UH Warriors – Baillie Hogsett (left) & Staci Washington (right). Monday evening these two nurses intervened and saved a child that was choking to death. The mom of the child was at the nurse’s station and was asking questions of a patient on the unit. One minute the child was playing in the hallway and the next she was in the hallway choking. Baillie Hogsett immediately went to the child and began hitting the child on the back without success. Staff called out for the 2nd nurse, Ms. Staci Washington, who sprang into action performing the Heimlich Maneuver and a quarter was expelled. The child was taken straight away by the mom to the ER. I have no doubt that had these nurses not intervened and had not Ms. Washington performed a technique that we all learn but hardly ever perform, the context of this story would be gravely different.