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Sheri Simpsom

sheri simpson

Sheri Simpson is a nurse on telemetry from 7p-7A. Sheri nurses each patient with a passion for caring. She is truly present. I have witness her lend a shoulder to tearful and afraid patient. I have witnessed her educate her patients in a way that excites them to become active in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. She inspires the nurses around her to operate at a higher standard.She has coined a phrased that we joke about to keep novice nurses encouraged, HQN, which stands for HIGH QUALITY NURSING. Each time we notice the new nurses giving it their all she says to them, “Now that’s what you call HQN”. It makes them smile and feel appreciated. She is not here for a paycheck alone, each interaction with a patients exhibits a nurse who serves with her heart. Telemetry was my first nursing job. I was scared and unsure of my nursing skills. Sheri encouraged me and helped my learned to manage time and prioritize. Sheri Simpson deserves notice for being a warrior for University Health because she gives her all to the patients each night she works, go home rest up and is ready to go with a big smile each time she encounters the next patient