UH Warrior Campaign

We Believe. We Fight. We Win.

Who We Are!

We are nurses, physicians, staff, patient advocates. We are caregivers, lifesavers, supporters. We are University Health employees, physicians, partners. We are UH Warriors.

236 UH Warriors @ Employee Picnic - UH Warriors, proud employees of University Health and proud supporters stopped by the UH Photo Booth at the Employee Picnic in Shreveport, on May 12th, and took some fun photos. You can see the photos online at http://engagement.team.uhsystem.com/photo-galleries/wppaspec/oc1/cv0/ab8.
Employee_logo ImWithU.org - Take action and sign the petition to register your support for University Health and BRF (Biomedical Research Foundation).  Visit ImWithU.org to sign the petition and notify your elected officials and the LSU Board of Supervisors to voice your opinion.
image Vanisha Carter - I nominate Vanisha Carter, as a UH Warrior. Not everyone can be a great nurse; a person has to have the inner yearning to want to make a difference in the quality of a person’s life. Vanisha meets these qualities of a great nurse. She cares for her patients. She listens to their concerns with […]
13346762_10208478538733954_346816084057437659_n Trina Tunstall - Trina is an amazing nurse in the MICU who specializes in “calm, cool, and collected”. She is a true patient advocate, a wealth of great information, and loved by staff and families at University Health. She is funny, smart, and a truly great person. We are so blessed to have her on our staff.
Lenora Lenora Hill - Lenora is an administrative assistant on Medicine Unit at University Health Conway. She is a loyal employee and a very caring person. One day another employee took notice of her caring ways and wanted to make sure she was recognized. Lenora Hill was observed going over and beyond the call of duty with an elderly […]
RoyKennedy Roy Kennedy - Roy Kennedy works in OR Materials Management. He is the pride of his department. He has a winning smile accompanied by his wonderful personality. Roy is always willing to assist anyone in need. He is all over the place, from entering requisitions, to checking on orders; from receiving items shipped, to replenishing inventory. He is […]
Robyne Champagne UH Warrior Robyne Champagne - Robyne began her UHS career in 2013 as an Ortho Unit Staff RN working with a wonderful team of sincere patient advocates. In her current Quality Management role, as the Regulatory RN for UHS, she works diligently and closely with the hospital-wide UHS Team to ensure we are all striving for continued and sustained improvements […]
evette_prattJPG Evette Pratt - Mrs. Pratt has worked for the hospital for 25 years she worked in the Burn Unit For about 15 years but now she works in the Infusion Recovery Area for the last 8 years her patients loves and respect her, she is very knowledgeable about her care for the kind of patients we take care […]
sabrina_wilson Sabrina Wilson - I have been working on the UHS Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) Program and wanted to express my appreciation to the Epic team for the HIM Department, Mary Jane Wells and Sabrina Wilson, who were a pleasure to work with during our recent implementation of the Epic CDI module. I would specifically like to commend Sabrina […]
Denise Taylor Denise Taylor - Since taking over as Director of Infection Control, Denise has done an exceptional job. While learning all her position entails, Denise is taking the necessary time to train two new nurses in the department. Additionally, on the heel of our TJC survey, she has hit the floor running, making sure each and every department is […]
Faith Phillips Faith Phillips - Faith Phillips is a Registered Respiratory Therapist. She is passionate about her patients and the care that she provides. She loves the patients and staff that she works with on a daily basis. She has been employed at the facility for several years and is dedicated to the work that she does. She is a […]
anthony_willis Anthony Willis - Anthony Willis is a UH warrior! He’s proud to provide top notch pharmacy services to staff and patients,, and he’s eager to contribute to patient care in any way he can. Known for his easygoing personality, strong skillset, and love of the Los Angeles Lakers, Anthony tries to channel positive vibes into whatever he does. […]
revel warriors Red River Revel Warriors - These are just a few of the UH Warriors that volunteered at the children’s tent where University Health promoted healthy children with a fitness obstacle course.  It was a fun time and the kids really enjoyed it.
Lula Hughes Lula Hughes - Lula is a warrior that no other warrior can contend with. Everyday she starts off with a great attitude and pleasant personality. All the Nuclear Medicine department and patient love her. Weekly she is given praise from patients and family members of her caring ways. She knows how to believe, fight, and win.
Rebekah Turner Rebekah Turner - Rebekah is the New Manager for Medical Staff Credentialing Office. She has helped make our office a better place to work and is constantly looks for better and more efficient ways to accomplish our goals. Thank you.
Becky Longino Becky Longino - I am a UH WARRIOR. I couldn’t be any prouder! I have been here in this building for 30 years in one capacity or another. I have always BELIEVED in the mission of this hospital. Things have been tough but we have always persevered. I will FIGHT for the patients, employees and physicians. We will […]
Etosha Chapman Etosha Chapman - Credentialing Analyst Liaison. Outstanding Team member. Always completing tasks assigned on time or early. Love having her on our team.
nm Nuc Med Mary Soloman - Nuc Med Mary is a UH Warrior for her home department in Respiratory. But I want to speak about her dual roll in Nuclear Medicine department. A true team player. A fighter for what is right for the patients. A defender of all. And a true winner in the eyes of Nuc Med where she […]
Felicia Sowell Felicia Sowell - Credentialing Analyst in the Medical Staff Office. Outstanding Team Member. Consistently completing re-appointments on time or early. Love having her on our team.
20150922_103551CHANTEL Chantel Fontenette - Chantel Fontenette is a Patient Relations Representative and is an Advocate you see when presenting to Hospital Administration. This is a high traffic area for visitors, patients and phone calls. Chantel treats all patients and visitors with respect, compassion and patience. Not only does she represent Hospital Administration in a positive light, she also works […]
1800329_10201549965291684_1002022591_n Kelli Mayfield - Kelli Mayfield is the dayshift supervisor in the Medical Intensive Care Unit. In her 20+ years of service to LSU/University Health Kelli has become known hospital wide as the go-to expert on critical care. Her love and compassion for her patients and co-workers is apparent in everything she does. Kelli is a smiling bright-spot in […]
Dale Landry - Dale Landry is a dedicated medical technologist in the blood bank laboratory at UH Conway.  He is always at work with a smile and friendly attitude.  He is a great coworker that is willing to go over and beyond routine duty.  He is a WARRIOR!
UH Warriors 8-21-15[1] copy Baillie Hogsett & Staci Washington - Meet two UH Warriors – Baillie Hogsett (left) & Staci Washington (right). Monday evening these two nurses intervened and saved a child that was choking to death. The mom of the child was at the nurse’s station and was asking questions of a patient on the unit. One minute the child was playing in the […]
Joshua Patrick - Joshua is the UH Warrior leading the way in the blood bank of the laboratory.  In this area, we must dot I’s and cross all the T’s leaving no questions of compatibility with our blood units we give to our patients.  Patients are safe as humanly possible at our facility…We believe.  We fight.  We win!
Lisa Griffen - Lisa has been a nurse in the Emergency Room for many years. She is the nurse manager and has spent many hours late into the night and early morning hours making sure that the flow of the Emergency Room is running smoothly. She always has a smile on her face and cares for all the […]
LaShunda Herron - LaShunda is dedicated to the work being done on the Maternal-Child floor at University Health Conway. She has her Masters in Healthcare Administration and is a pleasure to work with. She is essential with systems and public relations communication, patient accountability, as well as, the organization of continuity of care for patients. She has a […]
Point of Care Clinical Lab Personnel - POC employees are committed to work above the expectations of our customers (patients and staff) and our employers. Putting quality patient care 1st, we strive to be compliant with our regulatory agency making our service top notch in providing beside laboratory testing in our hospital and our clinics. The atmosphere of Point of Care Services […]
IMG_2191 Lindie Walker - Meet UH Conway Warrior Lindie Walker. Lindie is our Infection Control Manager. She ensures we are compliant in all things related to infection control and fights for continuous process improvement in all aspects of patient care. As a long time previous intensive care nurse, Lindie is a true warrior against infection control for our patients […]
UH Warrior Jonathan Phillips Jonathan Phillips - Meet UH Conway Warrior Jonathan Phillips. Jonathan is a long time member of our Conway family. He started out in our ER and served as the ER Manager for several years before becoming one of our Assistant Directors of Nursing prior to the transition. At the transition he became the Director of Ancillary Services. Jonathan […]
UH Warrior Don Hatten Don Hatten - Meet UH Conway warrior Don Hatten. Don is a long time member of the Conway family who started out 20+ years ago in ICU. He’s been in the PACU for the last 13 years. Don is one of those great employees that never says no when asked for help, he only asks what needs to […]
UH Warrior Daryl Armstrong Daryl Armstrong - Meet UH Conway warrior Daryl Armstrong. Daryl stated out at Conway several years ago in the ICU as a staff nurse. He later became the ICU Nurse Manager and eventually also gained our Medical/Telemetry and Medical/Surgical units. He now works as one of our Nursing Supervisors. Daryl is a great asset to our team who […]
Carla Saulsbery - Carla has been a loyal and very dedicated employee of LSUHSC and now University Health for 30 + yrs. She has headed up and grown the Occupational Therapy department providing acute care and out patient services and cover service areas of pediatrics, burns, orthopedics, neuro surge, MICU, SICU, cardiology, oncology, med surge and psychiatry. She […]
beejal_shah Beejal Shah - Meet Beejal Shah. Since 2009, he has been tirelessly serving the patients, physicians, and nurses at UH. He currently works as the overnight pharmacist, along with an amazing team of technicians. If you have any questions about medications, drug interactions, dosing, etc., he will be happy to answer them any time.
IMG_0889[1] Tiffany Cheek - Tiffany Cheek works as an EKG tech in the Cardiopulmonary Dept. at UH Monroe. She goes above and beyond to help her co-workers, patients, and other staff as needed. She has been a huge help to the Physical Therapy Dept., and she has helped me several times in the ER without being asked. She is […]
2015-08-04 08.48.36 Colton Sedberry - Colton Sedberry is the epitome of a UH Warrior! As an RN in the SICU, he never fails to make a patient, family member, or coworker smile with his famous and patented “duck face”! His humor and bedside manner prove that sometimes laughter really is the best medicine. His compassion and caring spirit really show […]
2015-08-04 11.17.08 Seth Martin - Seth Emory Martin is a compassionate and caring UH Warrior! Though he has only been in the SICU for a few short month, he has made a major impact on both his coworkers and patients. Seth remains a patient favorite due to his excellent and caring bedside manner and his dedication to looking his best […]
daniel_hardiin Daniel Hardin - Hi, Daniel Hardin here and I’m a UH warrior! I’m proud to contribute to the health CARE of patients at UH, the best health CARE system in the Ark-La-Tex. As part of the overnight pharmacy services team, it’s my job to guarantee that our patients receive the right medications at the right doses at the […]
Kevin Sittig Dr. Sittig - Outstanding physician in the Burn Unit, great with the children. An excellent Chief Medical Officer that is extremely knowledgeable and a valuable team member.
Chris Chris Webb - Meet UH Warrior Chris Webb. This Materials Management warrior is dedicated to the MM Department and to UH. Chris is always willing to help out wherever and whenever needed. UH is proud to have an employee like Chris Webb!
sheri simpson Sheri Simpsom - Sheri Simpson is a nurse on telemetry from 7p-7A. Sheri nurses each patient with a passion for caring. She is truly present. I have witness her lend a shoulder to tearful and afraid patient. I have witnessed her educate her patients in a way that excites them to become active in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. […]
284397_2126446048234_1777886_n Kimberly Mandino - Kimberly has been a warrior of this hospital for almost a decade. Her values and morals are based solely on respect, integrity and kindness. She is a shining light to everyone who meets her. She works hard daily to ensure that all patients no matter their status receive quality care. Kim’s commitment to this institution […]
image Zack Skinner - Zack Skinner Is a spirited UH warrior who has dedicated his time to help save patients in the MICU and the SICU. He has a fatherly compassion for all of his patients. Zack’s love for patient education and safety have also spilled over into the outside community, as he is one of the leading voices […]
Cathi Bishop - She has been with this hospital for 16+ years. Dedicated to the hospital. Never turns down any opportunity to promote or serve this hospital.
Eric Talton - Eric is a fearless leader charging our laboratory into continuing the very best lab results for our patient’s care. He leads all areas of the lab to be the very best we can possibly be as caregivers of our patients. He is constantly trying to resolve any problems that comes our way with the support […]
Nancy Nancy - Nancy is an incredibly dedicated UH Warrior. She is widely known for having a “get the job done” mentality. She has years of experience not only helping patients, but is supportive of her peers as well. She is dependable and is a real people person!
Carla Saulsbery - Carla is truly devoted to her patients, physicians, staff and UH. She goes out of her way on her own time to get the most informative and possible results to best benefit all. She treats all with respect and always has an open mind to solve any problems. She has been dedicated to this facility, […]
Tamara Tamara Clark - Meet UH Warrior, Tamara Clark. Another Materials Management employee that gets the job done. She has so much passion for doing the right thing. She’s has a fierce work attitude. She will step up to any challenge. Tamara has a bright future ahead at UH!
Ne'kedra Young UH Ne’Kedra Young - Meet UH warrior Ne’Kedra Young. Ne’Kedra works in Materials Management. She’s loud and proud about where she works. Ne’Kedra can find any supply you need to help take care of patients. She loves representing our department and our hospital. Awesome work!!!
picutres 453 Jacqueline Blakes - I have worked at the facility for over 22 years and I want to continue to work here to care for the patients that entrust us to provide their care. I am a proud employee of University Health and I support the BRF in helping us succeed in the meeting mission.
UH Warrior Scott Hillman Scott Hillman - Meet UH Conway Warrior Scott Hillman. Scott is one of our Nursing Supervisors who has been with us for several years. He is a warrior when it comes to providing support and assistance to front line nursing staff. He is always willing to jump in and help when called upon. Scott fights hard to provide […]
UH Warrior Amanda Coker Amanda Coker - Meet UH Conway Warrior Amanda Coker. Amanda has been at UHC for several years in our ICU. She recently became the Nurse Manager of ICU, 4 South Medicine Telemetry and 4 North Surgical Units. Amanda has fought hard to ensure all ICU patients receive excellent and compassionate care. She is a wonderful advocate for both […]
UH Warrior Beth Lawson Beth Lawson - Meet UH Warrior Beth Lawson. Mrs. Beth serves as the Administrative Assistant to the Office of Director of Nursing and Medical Director. Mrs. Beth has worked in Administration for several years and works tirelessly assisting the DON and Medical Director to provide leadership and guidance to all nurses and physicians. She also assists Nurse Managers […]
Linda Jackson Resp Therapy UH Conway - Linda is a longterm employee of this facility. She is always smiling and uplifting to both employees and patients. She has a heart as big as all outdoors and will do whatever she can to help patients and their families. She does not limit herself to “respiratory” things. She on multiple occassions has gotten patients […]
deborah ross Deborah Ross - Deborah is a reliable, skillful, thoughtful, kind, and energetic pharmacy technician in the pharmacy department at UHS! She works hard every night to assist our pharmacists and other hospital staff by preparing medications, stocking and delivering drug products around the hospital, troubleshooting automated medication dispensing systems, and helping find answers to staff questions. Deborah also […]
Shanita Davenport - Shanita is always very helpful and cheerful
Beverly Cumings Beverly Cumings - Quality Management Credentialing Coordinator – keeping our patients safe through quality control.
IMG_0183 Rebekah Turner - Rebekah manages the Medical Staff office continually strives for quality of care given to patients through verifying the education and skill of the providers who treat them.
Tracy Perot Tracy Perot - Meet Tracy Perot – UH Warrior. Tracy’s compassion and love of life is epitomized in this photo of her smiling. Tracy is the manager of the Neonatal ICU and her compassion for the staff and, most importantly, the sweet and adorable babies that are fighting for their lives, is apparent each and every day. She […]
Amanda Vickers Amanda Vickers - Amanda Vickers, UH Warrior! Amanda is the supervisor in the Neonatal ICU – caring for our world’s most precious lives in their darkest hours. Amanda’s love for our UH babies and her job shows every day as she keeps the unit running so smoothly and protects the babies as they work to get stronger and […]
Andreanna Newsome Andreana Newsome - Andreana is the secretary for Biomedical Engineering and her duties include recording all work orders, ordering all parts, and maintaining spread sheets for work completed – among other duties.
Gayle Morgan Gayle Morgan - Gayle is such a sweet, kind hearted woman who works hard to make sure everything runs smoothly and professional in the Hospital Administration.
Gerald Messina Gerald Messina - As Director of Biomedical Engineering he is always striving to improve equipment related issues whether it is repair or insuring departments receive the proper equipment for their needs.
dian Dian Terry - Dian Terry has been working for University Health for 13 years. She is the Manager for Women’s and Children’s which includes: Labor and Delivery, Nursery, NICU, Perinatal, OB/GYN Clinic and Pediatrics. Dian gives her all to her coworkers and the patients they serve. Dian is dedicated to making her departments a warm and loving place […]
Sam Mancilla Sam Mancilla - Meet UH Warrior Sam Mancilla! Sam is a recent recruit but his vivaciousness, caring manner and smarts makes him an amazing contribution to our nurse brigade!! Sam works tirelessly in the Medical ICU where he is instrumental in caring for some of the sickest and greatest miracles. Sam is amazing and incredible to work with. […]
Kathy Scott Kathy Scott - Kathy Scott has been in the MICU for about 19 years. She is the ultimate advocate of patients, fights for them, make sure they are treated right. She is smart, compassionate and humble. I look up to her, she is a great mentor, a friend and a colleague.
PICU Warriors UH PICU Team - Dr. Conrad and the PICU crew truly saved our son Rylan’s life seven months ago. He was extremely sick, and we weren’t sure if he was going to make it. Rylan spent 5 weeks in the PICU, and it was evident that the team members who work there are not only highly skilled, but they […]
Margaret B. Davis Margaret B. Davis - Margaret B. Davis loves the patients, families and staff at UH Hospital and has provided many years of dedicated service. She is a Certified Wound Ostomy Continence Nurse, caring for patients with some of the most difficult to manage draining wounds, ostomies and fistulae. She loves her job and takes great pride in providing the […]
Tracee Bryant Tracee Bryant - Meet UH Warrior Tracee Bryant. Tracee works in the IT Department at UH. She works tirelessly behind the scenes ensuring our providers have what they need in the EHR. Tracee is always willing to jump in and lend a hand. She is so committed to her job, her co-workers and our patients that even on […]
Traci Jordan Traci Jordan - Meet UH Warrior Traci Jordan. If you get the chance to meet her face to face it is definitely something you will remember. Traci is always full if energy, ready to tackle the task at hand and get the job done. She has such an infectious air about her. Traci is fiercely committed to the […]
Famia Roots Famia Roots - Meet UH Warrior Famia Roots. Famia works behind the scenes overseeing the support of the IT equipment. When someone has a problem with a computer, it is her team that swoops in for the rescue so that our nurses and physicians can focus on what’s really important – the patient and their treatment. Famia has […]
image Trish Cascio - Trish is a behind-the-scenes Warrior & advocate as a paralegal for our hospital council. The is a champion who is dedicated to the UH Team!
UH Warrior Diana Breen 2 Diana Breen - Meet UH Warrior Diana Breen. She has been a CRNA at UH Conway for several years. Diana also serves on the Board of Directors as one of our strongest advocates. Diana is a Warrior in every sense of the word! She has fought hard for UH Conway to become what we are today. The endless […]
Sherri Sasser Sherri Sasser - Meet UH Conway Warrior Sherri Sasser. Sherri joined UH Conway during the transition. She is our Surgical Services Administrative Assistant. Sherri is a true warrior who keeps Surgical Services running smoothly, which is no small task. She has a work ethic that is a true inspiration to us all! No problem is too big for […]
Anntarri (Bree) Vinson Anntarri (Bree) Vinson - This warrior grew up in this hospital, falling in love with the art of helping the patient population that needs it most. She became a part of the team in 2010 and from there made an effort to touch every patient’s life no matter the need. She works to improve patient safety and quality of […]
IMG_4004 John-Michael Strange - John-Michael is a Patient Advocate in UH’s Ambulatory Care Center and loves working to achieve the best outcome for our patients by working closely with all the dedicated staff in our clinics to create a truly outstanding patient experience. He genuinely listens to his patients’ concerns and delivers compassion and solutions to patients and their […]
image Marla Pendarvis - I’ve come to LOVE the UH family that I spend working with. WE ARE A TEAM! It’s been the most rewarding job that I have ever had. Being a trauma nurse in the ER, psych nurse on the PCU, has helped me grow into the Nurse I have become. I wouldn’t trade it for the […]
Fred Boykin Fred Boykin - My grandfather Fred Boykin was a nuero-surgeon at this hospital. He worked closely with Dr. McDonald and other surgeons to make the hospital one of the best places to go in times of crisis. My mother, my father and myself have all worked at the institution for over 10-25 years. It is time for everyone […]
IMG_74179037203229-1 Cynthia Nelson - A nurse who loves her patients.  A UH Warrior.
Todd Walters Todd Walters - Meet UH Warrior Todd Walters. Todd has been with UH Conway for over 20 years and has been pivotal in deploying electronic health records at Conway, protects the privacy and security of patient data and supports the IT needs of the staff and physicians so that they can focus on treating and curing patients.
IMG_0183 UH Purchasing Department - Meet Uh Warrior staff, the Purchasing Department. This group of individuals work non-stop to make sure supplies are ordered. They work behind the scenes everyday to make sure everything is here and you’ll even find sometimes they have magic tricks. On top of that they’re always fighting for the best price. Not pictured is fearless […]
shun Shatarshea Murray - Meet UH Warrior Shatarshea Anderson Murray! AKA Shun! Shun has been fighting for patients at University Health for decades. She started out as one of the best Critical Care Respiratory Therapist! Shun has been pivotal in many lives being saved. She was instrumental in some of the advanced research done in the Medical ICU to […]
Bret Crenshaw Bret Crenshaw - Meet UH warrior, Bret Crenshaw. Bret tirelessly ensures EVERY ER nurse and doctor never wants for anything in the patients record. Bret was pivotal in bringing rapid documentation to clinicians hands to effectively care for trauma patients!!!!!
Brad Schmidt Brad Schmidt - UH Warrior, Brad Schmidt! Brad is another recent UH recruit. He took to the fight for patients running! Brad’s innovative ideas are bringing a refreshing look to University Health.
Billy Mcann Billy McAnn - UH Warrior Billy McAnn. If it needs to be linked, Billy is your guy!!!!! Everyday, behind the scenes, Billy ensures that every system is talking to each other and not missing a beat!!!
Becky Dekay Becky DeKay - Meet UH warrior Becky DeKay! Becky has been standing behind and beside cancer patients at FWCC for many years. She strategically, creatively and aggressively maps out plans to ensure EVERY cancer patient is treated with love and respect. Becky has a heart and compassion that matches no other.
Barbara Luce Barbara Luce - Meet mighty UH Warrior Barbara Luce!!!! Barbara is the master conductor for our EHR. She ensures clinicians have patient records at their fingertips. She has orchestrated 5 Go Lives and smiled all the way thru. Her patience is amazing! Barbara saves lives every day. She saves money wherever she can at the hospital knowing that […]
Angela Neal Angela Neal - Meet Angela! This UH warrior is all about a CAN DO attitude!!! Angela has been fighting for our hospital since she was 18! She has seen chancellor’s, administration and Senate committees come and go. She had fought for us to get monies and supplies to provide great care. When something needs to be done, Angela […]
Angela Shelton Angela Shelton - Angela Shelton is a mighty UH warrior! Angela’s behind the scenes brilliance keeps nurses and doctors documenting with ease! She has designed numerous tools that allow clinicians to identify patients that need interventions for healthier lives.
Amy Barton Amy Barton - Amy Barton has been a UH warrior for many years. Amy has fought for and saved countless lives throughout the hospital! Amy’s compassion, critical thinking and care has saved countless lives in the emergency room. Amy truly enjoys caring for children and has a way about her that calms their nerves. She left the emergency […]
Allison Long Allison Long - Meet UH warrior Allison. Allison has been behind the scenes at the hospital for many years. Her dedication and commitment safeguards every patient to ensure every patient record is tracked and all information is there when clinicians need it. Without her dedication, doctors and nurses couldn’t give the quality care that we do!
Adam Span Adam Span - Meet Adam Span. Adam started at the hospital in the early 90s as a Respiratory Therapist. He helped save lives through aggressive ventilator management and ensure lung healing from some of the worst cases of ARDS. Adam was part of the team that pushed the envelope of ARDS care. He continued his work while going […]
Alicia Laurents Alicia Laurents - Meet Alicia Laurents! Alicia is a recent warrior recruitment to UH! She is fierce! She is smart! She is loyal! Alicia fights for her patients that have had devastating neurological injuries. She saves lives every day.
Sheree Stephens Sheree Stephens - Meet UH Warrior Sheree Stephens! Sheree has been with the hospital for many years and every day she works for our patients. An RN by trade, she has overseen our clinical workflows in our EHR system (making sure they are efficient and accurate), she has cared for so many patients on our ICU’s, we’ve lost […]
Tommy Britt Tommy Britt - Meet UH Warrior Tommy Britt. Tommy is a member of the UH IT Team. Tommy has such an attention to detail and even though his Epic certification is in Optime, he never hesitates to jump in and help with any application. He is truly committed to getting the job done! Truly an asset to UH!!!
Jennifer Jackson Jennifer Jackson - Meet UH Warrior Jennifer Grill Jackson. Jennifer is so dedicated to her job at UH. As a member of the IT Department, focusing on the electronic health record, Jenn is always looking for ways to enhance the system to aid in ensuring the doctors and nurses at UH can focus on continuing to provide top […]
Cherie and Mark Reyner Cherie & Mark Reyner - Meet UH Warriors Cherie and Mark Rayner. Cherie and Mark have been saving lives for years. Cherie in the Medical ICU. She is compassionate and caring! Cherie started in the Labor Unit where she assisted in bringing life into the world. I must say, when your loved one is exiting this world, Cherie is who […]
Chasidy Guthrie Chasidy Guthrie - Meet UH Warrior, Chasidy Guthrie! As Angela she started at our hospital at 18. She has worked countless hours and done amazing things. Chasidy is an amazing leader. She leads by example. Chasidy brings new meaning to customer service! She always has a smile and willing to listen. EVERY employee at University Health matter and […]
Cathy Evans Cathy Evans - Cathy Evans, lifelong UH warrior!!!!! Cathy is an inspiration to those she works with. She has cared for and saved countless lives thru the years. She is an awesome nurse and now she fights behind the scenes, ensuring the ER has everything they need to care for patients!
Jodie Crouch Jodie Crouch - UH Warrior, Jodie Crouch!!!!! Jodie has been a passionate fighter for several years. He is a HUGE asset. He is fierce when it comes to patient engagement!!!! He stands up for all patients. Jodie serves not only at University Health, he serves his community without fail!
Jonathan Tiller Jonathan Tiller - Please meet UH warrior Jonathan Tiller, a new recruit for UH. JT brings several years experience working behind the scenes to ensure that all of the health care professionals have the tools they need. He also drives an hour to and from work each day with a smile on his face to work for UH. […]
Dee Cochran Dee Cochran - Meet UH Warrior Dee Cochran!!! She has fought for patients at our hospital for many years. She has a passion to get every patient home and back to a quality of life. Her leadership qualities empower her department to ensure no one falls to the side. Every person deserves the most fulfilling life they can […]
Christie Ruple Christie Ruple - UH Warrior Christie Ruple!!! Christie has fought for patients and been healing lungs for years. Christie was there my first day. Her smile let me know I’d fit right in. Her heart and compassion is amazing. Christie has the Can Do attitude!!!! Her love for people is amazing. She also serves and St Jude is […]
Crystal Palmer Crystal Palmer - Meet UH warrior Crystal Palmer!!!! Note this is a rare sighting without her ammunition!!! Crystal logs countless errors ensuring that every clinician has what they need. Crystal came to our hospital to work behind the scenes after years of nursing in the operating room. She brought that knowledge with her to become a furious fighter […]
Diane Dean Diane Dean - UH Warrior Diane Dean! This woman is amazingly fierce. She fights to save every dollar and ensure being used to improve quality care.
Deena Park Janes Deena Park Janes - UH Warrior, Deena Park Janes!!!! This amazing lady has saved countless lives through her work in the Surgical ICU. Deena is smart, compassionate and funny. She fights for every patient! Deena truly loves her job and it shows each and every day!!!
Donna Simmons Donna Simmons - Meet UH WARRIOR, Donna Simmons! This amazing women has fought for her patients at the hospital for years. She started in the Renal Unit ensuring quality care to patients suffering life altering kidney disease. Lucky for us, Donna moved to the Medical ICU! This woman’s compassion is far more than anyone I have seen. She […]
Vicki Spann Vicki Spann - Meet UH warrior Vicki Spann! Vicki has been a fierce patient advocate since the 90s. She was part of the cutting edge ventilator management that allowed many people to survive devastating pulmonary disease! Vicki cares for the sickest of the sickest and has seen miracles occur. She has been instrumental in University Health to be […]
Greg Blanchard Greg Blanchard - Meet UH Warrior Greg Blanchard! Greg has been behind the scenes leading staff to ensure clinicians have everything they need. Greg is smart, quick witted and compassionate.
Eileen Martinez Eileen Martinez - Meet UH Warrior Eileen Martinez! Eileen fights and protects our staff so they can care for our patients to the best of their ability. Eileen is fierce. She not only fights for University Health she fights for and serves her community!!!
Elizabeth Roos Elizabeth Roos - Meet UH warrior Elizabeth Roos!!! Elizabeth came to University Health from Dallas. She battles for patients every day! She ensures the hospital is cost conscious while providing quality care. She is fierce. She is an amazing leader!! Every employee and every patient matters to Elizabeth. She constantly seeks out improved processes. Her heart and compassion […]
Heather Kline Heather Kline - Meet UH Warrior Heather Kline. Heather has been an ICU nurse for years. The lives she saves are too numerous to count. Her compassion is amazing! She has the heart of a lion!!!! Heather loves her job here at University Health!!!!! She fights every day for the patients she serves.
laurie grier Laurie Grier MD - Meet LSUHSC/UH Warrior Laurie Grier. As UH staff are caught in the middle, Laurie is one of the staff physicians that is on the front lines. This physician fights day in and day out for her patients. She cares for the sickest of the sickest. She takes on those cases that other hospitals say ‘no […]